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    Clio 16v 94M water pump and ECU chip carrier

    I need a water pump for a 16V 94 m reg. Is it the one off an Rsi o r would a Williams or 1.8 19 one fit? I also have a superchips ecu, but need a new carrier for it I think to solder to my existing ecu. Any ideas where I could get one, or is it superchips only? Is there a way to take the chipped ph2 ecu and make it work in my car? Thanks

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    water pump can be got from euro car parts or even renault themselves.. just make sure the one you get has the metal impellars

    accrding tho rpd this also fits a williams

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    The list of other cars & engines that have the exact same water pump as the williams will make you giggle

    If you choose not to get 1 from RPD just make sure it's a Valeo item with metal impellers & you wont go wrong

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    Thanks very much


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