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    Newbie here saying hello

    Afternoon ladies and gents thought I'd say hello and introduce myself as I've just purchased my second Williams (first was about 13 years ago)

    It's a Williams 2 with 140k on the clock needs some welding for mot along with sort out some dodgy welding it's had in the past underneath and a respray which I'll also get done to bring it uo to scratch.been off the road about 5 years

    Paid 3300 for it,does anyone think that's a little high for condition and mileage.its hard to find one nowadays that needs work and they seem to have risen in price since I had my first one as that had 52k on and was mint and paid 2200 for it lol

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    I'd say you got it cheap tbh, prices did drop so low at 1 point that good cars were worth a lot more money in bits. The very best examples of a W2 have sold for in excess of 20k within the past 2 years so the days of getting a good cheap Williams are long gone

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    Ah that's great stuff I haven bought it in the hope it will be worth a fortune in the future but it would be nice to get her back uo to scratch and to be honest the mileage won't go up much past 140k even if I keep It 10 years

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    what model was your first williams?


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