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    F7R 710 and 714 oil pump assembly


    I just got myself a F7R 710 from a Megane. However it is missing the crankshaft and I can only find F8Q 630/632 cranks that use chain driven oil pumps. Atleast it is what i can find out.

    So is it possible to use chaindriven oilpump and crank in the F7R 710 BE ?

    Tried searching for this but did not find anything to confirm it is possible.

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    What I could find there might be some clearance issues with chaning to chaindrive oil pump?
    Also somewhere I read that the oil sump is different.. thats no issue since i need a new one anyway.

    Renault quoted 2400 for a F7R 710 crank and 1740 for a F8Q crank. Thats just too much :(

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    Is an F7R700 crank an option for you?

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    Awesome thank you.
    Even got the same part number that I got from Renault however they wanted 2400 for it this one is "only" 415

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    I didn't think that was the case at 1st but it seems the 710 does share the same part number for the 700 crank, sneakily buried in the list of superceded part numbers.

    Looks like the prices have gone up too as my Dialogys says it's 841.69 for that crank

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    Perhaps but Renault has had stupid pricing on spare parts over here especially when it is parts that really never gets ordered thru them.
    Anyhow thanks for your help. Will order one soon to get on with my build


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