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    Lovely looking car. Rare to find a one owner car these days. shame he talks nonsense about how many Williams are left because he only got the figure of how many are taxed from the DVLA (24) and so states that is all that's left in the country missing the 105 Williams 3 that are SORN. ! Also claiming that only 130 total Williams left as opposed to the correct figure of at least 550.

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    A very good looking car, although seems to have some rust spots coming through on the rear arches. Amazing that it is a one owner car though.

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    Are these the correct stickers i was told the 3 stickers were infilled blue

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    incorrect stickers, you are right.. wrong size by the looks of it too..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vandella View Post
    incorrect stickers, you are right.. wrong size by the looks of it too..
    Only asking as i need some for mine and want the right ones

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    the Williams 2 & 3 series should be infilled with Blue as you say.

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    Hi Guys, I'm a newbie looking to buy a Williams. I've also seen this 3 for sale at Jamie Robinsons - anyone know much about her? Evidently one owner from new, lots of history but lack of knowledge on my part - incorrect stickers on the rear - bad news?

    Also another 3 for sale which has some history on here, plate ending BYD. Looks like she was sat for some while but recommissioned. Low mileage, cambelt and other essentials have been done, some spray work to doors.

    And finally there's a 1 for sale on eBay that needs recommissioning. I'm in no rush to get on the road but the asking seems a bit high considering the amount of money that would need to be spent.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks guys!

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    Stickers arent the end of the world ok means the arches have been done before. But im about to have mine done again (first time previous owner)

    Best thing is to go and view them both. You always get a feel once you have seen them


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