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    Water coming in from somewhere

    Recently noticed water in both footwells of my Williams which has never happened before.

    Are the door seals the usual culprits or could it be coming in from somewhere else?

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    could be door seals, could be heater matrix (split pipe or damaged unit), could be windscreen seal.

    how much water are we talking about?

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    Well, there's no pool of water but the floor carpet is soaked. All the surrounding side carpet is dry however which is a bit weird..
    I'd nearly managed to dry it out but it pissed down all day yesterday and now it's wet again. I didn't drive it either.
    Strange that it's been bone dry for years and now suddenly it's not.

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    how about the aerial base? mine had a little split in it and let in water, not a lot but enough.. since been replaced and siliconed up..

    is it only when it rains that you notice this? when did you first notice it?

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    I think I found the problem.
    The scuttle box had about an inch of water in the bottom. Took the drain hose off and of course it was all blocked up with gunk. It was also flattened in one section so that was restricting the water draining as well. I guess the water got high enough in the scuttle to seep past the bulkhead somewhere and into the car.
    Well, fingers crossed that's the reason.

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    Will have seeped in from where the fan motor goes most likely

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    it can get into the sills as well once the inner and outer arch separate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 16v_paddy View Post
    Will have seeped in from where the fan motor goes most likely
    That's what I thought as well.

    Sills seem ok, no water inside as far as I can tell.

    Here's some photos of the scuttle box, before and after removing the drain pipe.
    Attached Images Attached Images


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