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    How come I only ever see Clio Williamses abroad? I saw my first one in Italy three years ago, and last week saw one in Luxembourg.

    Luxembourg! No idea of number / type (think not a 3).

    It's so exciting to see one at all when your own one is tied up in a garage forty miles away not getting fixed.

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    Because we are all too scared to drive them

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    Found out I'm a liar - I saw one in my home town two years ago

    By the way Luxembourg is just suited to a Williams - lots of twisty roads. It's nothing like I expected, but I realised I had no expectations. What a great place.

    Don't be scared of driving it. It's only a car. Rust may never sleep, but I've said it before and I'll say it again: if you haven't driven it in the snow you haven't driven it at all, and Williams are such fun in the snow.

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    did you get chance to get a picture?

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    Fraid not, they don't half go don't they.

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    Maybe it was mine

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    Quote Originally Posted by turbjj View Post
    Maybe it was mine
    I do hope so! I think it was either between Larochette and Luxembourg City or between Larochette and Echternach.


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