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Thread: Engine dying

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    I still think idle control valve is at fault as the only thing that can make the engine rev up like that is something staying open enough to let the air in to do that which can only be the throttle butterfilies or the butterfly inside the IACV

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    Great, thanks Paddy. I've been looking around for a new one but can't find one. Any idea where I can get one? Is it also worth changing the cable?


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    Several used ones on Ebay, it's shared with various 80s Porsches, copies available such as


    Which matches the original Bosch part number ARTICLE №: 0 280 140 501
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    Excellent. Thanks. Is it easy to fit or a garage job?

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    Looks like it's quite simple. More asking about access and the amount of dismantling required to get to it. Cheers.

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    I'm afraid I don't know. I looked into this when mine had idling problems but it turned out to be the throttle position sensor. There are some new old stock Bosch ones in the states for over two hundred quid!

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    It's 2 screws on a bracket to undo, pull off the rubber pipes, unplug & it's all off

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