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    Had a powerflow on my Clio. Yes, it is stainsless but went rusty after a couple of months. Won't buy one again.

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    I've decided I'm not going to bother with a stainless exhaust anymore.
    Thanks to all those who did reply and PM me pictures.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PhilW View Post
    Hi Ben sorry not been around much, Will take some images tomorrow and get back to you,
    cheers Phil
    Quote Originally Posted by Vandella View Post
    I have a powerflow system that you can have for free if you can collect. ill get a few pics up tonight
    Hi PhilW, Hi Vandella,

    Do you still have the exhausts?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Ricardo View Post
    Hi PhilW, Hi Vandella,

    Do you still have the exhausts?

    Hi Ricardo,
    Yes, still have the exhaust, if you want me to send you some images, please PM me your contact details, cheers Phil

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    mines gone I'm afraid Ricardo


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