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    Otto 1/18 models

    Anyone know where I can get a 1/18 Otto model Williams Clio?


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    They only made a limited number and also a limited 1/12. They both quickly sold out so you will have to keep a keen eye out for one. There was a 1/12 on eBay recently.

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    Ok. Nice one. Cheers mate.

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    best get your wallet out - they are mega money now

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    Try to get a Norev Clio Williams 1/18 instead of OttO. It is also pricey but not as expensive as OttO.

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    Really? I saw one in a shop in Italy (I think it was at a shop in Maranello when I was visiting the Ferrari factory) for about 40 the other week and resisted buying as I already have a NoRev one - I would have snapped it up had I known prices were on up! I missed out on the 1/18 Otto one but they are lovely models - I am a gold member having bought quite a number from them since they started the company. I do have the 1/12 Otto Williams though which is great and looks huge compared to the 1/18s!


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