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    Bumper trim insert ?? Anyone ever replaced them

    Hi everyone,
    Finally getting my Williams 3 back together after 9 years of restoring it. The only thing that's bugging me is the little trim that's in the rubbing strips on the bumpers. There a small bit corroded and I'd love any suggestions on where to get them. Any help much appreciated. Also the door weather strips at the bottom of the window are corroded too but they can't be got. Would phase 2 ones fit if I cut them shorter, the end that would be cut would be under the mirror so wouldn't be seen.

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    The door weather strips at the bottom of the window are the same for all 3 door Mk1 Clios but they're still hard to come by in good un-corroded condition

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    Yeah I've been lookng in scrap yards but the phase 1 is rare now even a standard 1.2. I wrecking I'll come across one that's the same that can be shortened.

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    I remember seeing something recently that there is something from a completely different make of car that is almost identical apart from the length & can be trimmed down to fit but for the life of me I can't remember what it was

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    it was on facebook paddy. Some guy had used a VW window rubber and modified to fit.

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    Not sure if im right but seem to remember it was opel astra window strips that were mentioned on here or clio16valver. Think they didnt have metal running through them either

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    Thanks lads, have tried the corsa ones but there just not 100%. I'll keep an eye for VW ones. I have 2 off a 16v but there both bubbling with corrosion aswell.


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