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    Picking between two cars

    So I have a choice of two cars... A williams two that needs work and will be an ongoing project. Or a three that is almost perfect. Stuck what is best to do?

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    What are the prices?

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    4k and 7.5k

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    I think you can lose 3.5k very quickly in parts and labour if you're not doing the work yourself.

    If it's genuinely almost perfect then I'd go for that one, but I'd still check when all the big consumables were last done as replacement parts are either expensive or unavailable nowadays.

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    I know... Its the bits I can't see worry me

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    whats the mileages?

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    Quote Originally Posted by northy View Post
    whats the mileages?

    3 = 100,300
    2 = 116,000

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    Quote Originally Posted by fresh View Post
    I know... Its the bits I can't see worry me
    Which goes as much for the three as it does for the 2, by the way, if not more so given the higher price!

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    After 1.5 years of an ongoing resto on #0366 I strongly recommend buying the better car. In my case it's not only been a matter of parts availability (and the hours spent sourcing the harder to get ones), but making sure everything is done to the required standard and as per your expectations. Unless you have a trusted mechanic and bodywork specialist (presume it's going to require at least some bodywork), it can be very frustrating not having things done to your liking. Save yourself not only the money, but also the time and nerves of a resto job, unless you actually want the challenge or have been through it before and know what it entails.

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    Cheers for the advice guy's


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