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    This Williams 3 is now in Ireland and obviously has a different reg but it's old UK plate was as the title. I thought I might as well update it's whereabouts and would love to know if anyone had it before. There are next to none in Ireland, I'm only aware of about 3 others.

    It was owned by a guy in Stranraer and mostly Brecon in Wales, MOT's from 1996 show a test center in Kiddiminster among others. I'v owned since 2013 and have done quite a lot of work.

    It's in pretty good condition with a folder full of history, it's certainly not concourse and not 100% original but I got it for driving and not parking so suits me.

    It currently has the following spec:

    • Viarouge shocks with standard springs
    • Full supersprint exhaust with manifold
    • kent cams with an omex 600 producing 174BHP
    • Ktec lightened flywheel
    • Custom carbon fibre intake

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    hi there am the lad from stranraer . had this car for years . sold it jan 2013 as was due ma 1st daughter . you wana sell it back? been looking for it for years lol


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