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    Quote Originally Posted by fresh View Post
    Took the car to classic heros today...must have been mad taking it out in the snow. Really good set up down there and very knowledgeable guys. They have given the car a once over and now got some decisions to make.
    Hi Fresh, firstly good luck with your MOT!! Do you take your CW to classic heros for service/repair? If yes are they any good?? I've thought about using them as they are not far from where I live - but they look v.geared towards BMW - I wasn't sure if they would have a great deal of CW knowledge/experience!!??

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    Cheers. No i take mine to a local garage. I only went to classic heroes for them to look at restoring it. Very pricey.

    They do know their stuff. As thy have worked on a number of williams. Id trust them if you are prepared to pay

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    So car passed the mot. Few advisorys on the bodywork. Kinda expected that. Will add to the to do list

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    An other service done. Covered less than a 1000 miles really need to start driving it more.

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    Ok so as the sun was out decided to get the clio out didn't get very far until the water pump developed a leak..... oh well straight to the garage for more work


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