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    Proper was of driving with Clio Williams


    I ve bought Clio few months ago. I have to admit, mainly beacuse of legend about this car.
    I am not a huge fan of front wheels drive cars and i am not sure how to properly drive light hatch like Clio Williams.
    I am not a totally noob, but I used to drive quattros or rwd cars before so this is something new for me.

    My Clio has brand new original front widetrack axle,dumpers, hr springs,bushes...everything.
    Last week i bought Nankang NS-2R 195/50R15 semislick and I am about to find right character of this car.

    So my question for local racers is how to drive this through turns in faster way.
    Racing line, lift off, hard breaking, where is that famous point of this car, that famous fun factor

    Need som advice
    thank you

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    Never lift

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    Quote Originally Posted by 16v_paddy View Post
    Never lift

    Never lift and love all of those understeer squeeezing
    Any other suggestions ? I dont want drive through like Ragnotti but there must by a way

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    If I am getting a lot of spin or am struggling on tight turns, I lean on the brake somewhat, whilst keeping the revs up - it does help with traction quite considerably, especially in the slow corners, but it isn't really advisable for the road (or I am not confident enough in my skills to use it on the road).


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    With my Williams I'm able to chuck the car into the corner. Understeer is never really an issue unless it was a nice greasy roundabout. Backing off into the corner slightly allowed the front end to tighten and then floor it through the apex. Huge fun and always communicating how much grip the front end had and when you felt the back end go light apply pressure to the accelerator. Oh and smooth steering helps keeps things predictable. The 1 thing that I still find not to my liking is the seating position which doesn't allow me to heel and toe, but that's probably more to do with my lanky legs.
    Get yourself up to North Wales. Trust me you won't want to go home.


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