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Thread: 0249 - L814UGH

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    Williams Land Cars:

    0249 - L814UGH

    0249 for sale eBay June 2016

    £2500 BUY IT NOW

    Here for sale is my Clio Williams phase 1, number 249 of 390. I brought this car in 2003 and used it daily up until the end of 2012 when I declared it SORN due to wanting a 50+ mpg vehicle for work.
    As of today, only 72 of these Williams are left (either on the road or SORN), so this is a dying breed. I really want someone to buy this and bring is back to its former glory and see it back on the road. I had so much fun in this car, it was quick and handled like no other hot hatch.
    In 2010, the Renault Clio Williams was voted by experts and published in Auto Express as the "greatest hot hatch" from the past 30 years.
    In 2009, the Williams came in at number 30 of Evo magazine's "100 Greatest Drivers' Cars Countdown" article.
    In 2004, came 6th place in Evo's "Car Of The Decade".
    No wonder these are turning into classics.
    The only reason I am selling is due to a purchase of a new property and not having the time to do the work myself.
    This is a project car and is in need of restoration, I'll try to list everything I can as you are bidding to buy not tyre quick. Viewing is highly recommended, you pay what you bid.

    Now to the details:
    The car has done 188,909 miles, its had a top end rebuild and the cambelt changed about a month before I took it off the road. Full cat back scorpion stainless steel exhaust, cat was replaced in the last year of it being on the road. There is an exhaust blow coming from the downpipe. When I started it up this week the oil pressure light came on, gauges are never accurate on French cars and I've not checked with a external gauge if there is actually a problem, but I would guess possibly its the oil pump but if you are wanting to drive this then I think a strip down would be best to check everything. I do have a spare bare cylinder head and camshaft that I'm happy to sell separately if interested. Battery isn't the best, but starts first time with jump leads. Plastic cover is missing that goes over the HT leads.

    Rear drivers arch needs repairing/replacing, It's rotted all the way through (see photo) and looks like it might have started to creep towards the sill. I've removed the rear interior so access is clear ready for any repair. There are some rust bubbles near the drivers door aperture, so might even be easy to replace the whole of that lower section.
    There is some bubbling on the passenger rear arch.
    Drivers door has been rubbed back and primed, all trim has been removed and is with the car. Passenger door has rust forming on the bottom edge (see photo).
    The bonnet has also been rubbed back and primed but there appears to be some rust on the front lip starting to come through, all trim has been removed and is with the car.
    Both front wings being plastic are all intact and have no damage, but the lacquer is dull and flaking near the top edge by bonnet.
    Rear tailgate lacquer is crazed (looks like lots of scratches), I did start to look at rubbing this all back but never finished it.
    Front and rear bumpers have scratches. Drivers side on the rear bumper, the bracket has rusted away so would need to be refabricated. Inlays within the bumper strips have the paint flaking from them and the inlay strip on the rear bumper has a split in it.
    Front fog lamps need replacing.
    This Williams came with a factory fitted sunroof, obviously an optional extra someone asked for from new as these didn't normally come with these, like most phase 1 Clio's these did leak, so I actually put some black mastic around the sunroof sealing it shut as I got fed up with wet trousers going to work! From what I see now, I know where the leak is actually coming from and its at the front of the sunroof framework where it meets the roof (see photo, with a 5p coin to show size), this will need repairing.
    At some point in its life, someone fitted a hands free kit, I removed this internally but the aerial has remained due to being in the roof.
    Overall this car would benefit from having all the repairs done and a full respray. I do have a 1 litre tin of Renault blue 449 paint that I will be sold with the car and some Williams decals.
    The wheels are the genuine speedlines that I did have refurbished many years ago with the correct colour and polished rim. These would really do with being refurbished again.

    The interior is in good condition the front and rear seats are like new, no splits or tears and the seat bolsters are still in their original shape.
    The passenger door card is in good condition but there is a split in the drivers side card where you would rest your elbow (see photo).
    The parcel shelf most rear corners are bent due to the weight of the suit/luggage holder that was attached, It currently is not fitted but will come with the car.
    It has all of the original dials/gauges/gear knob/carpet/seatbelts.
    Still has the original plaque with build number on dash.
    All electric windows worked last time I used it.

    I've tried to list everything in as much detail and be as honest as I can, I don't want to waste my time or anyone else's, so there are no hidden surprises. The car is SORN so will need trailing away. I do highly recommend coming to view this before bidding.
    I do have some service history and paperwork.
    I will be sad to see this go as these are turning in to a real classic and fetching very high money, but I donít have the time to restore it as I wanted too, so it needs to go to someone who can.
    Item is located near Aylesbury, call me if you want to come and view on 07817 948923, no silly offers, thanks.
    You are bidding to buy not view and barter. Cash on collection only.
    Happy bidding!

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    Just a 'small' project for someone

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    JESUS! lol


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    It can be rescued!

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    This is back on ebay.....still a project

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    Williams Land Cars:
    0249 for sale ebay April 2017


    renault clio williams 1 0249 _ eBay.pdf

    Time to let this one go as it's become obvious I won't get round to it Getting rare 180k miles but had the cambelt snap so was rebuilt and has done little since ,last owner then decided to restore her and this is as far as he got
    Been in storage for a year and started on the button ( with a jump)
    Engine sounds lovely but oil light stays on which I suspect could be sender so wouldn't drive it until checked but good enough to load onto trailer
    Car is standard I believe
    Driver door card is off but in car
    Seats look pretty good
    Has all important numbered plaque
    Rear arch is toast as are front spots ,new gearbox at 93k
    Comes with stamped up service book to 92k last owner was a mechanic
    Some bill and mot's
    Owners manual and books present
    Good restoration project
    Advertised else where so may remove at anytime
    No time waters pease were all busy
    You bid you buy no haggling so I would view it first to ensure she's what you want
    Thanks for looking
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    The Mystery Machine
    Someone buy it and kill it.

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    maby its camera angle, but the sunroof on the third pic appears to be very far back on the roof to be factory fit?

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    Quote Originally Posted by IRISH-WILLIAMS View Post
    maby its camera angle, but the sunroof on the third pic appears to be very far back on the roof to be factory fit?
    I thought that too, does look like a factory roof though

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    Last seen last night on the M20 heading abroad on a foreign trailer


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