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    Quote Originally Posted by GavFitz View Post

    One more restored and tucked away for the winter!

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    Rolling Road day

    Not bad considering it's never been rebuilt and in its standard engine form.

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    Good result that, looks to have had a raised limiter though

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    Quote Originally Posted by 16v_paddy View Post
    Good result that, looks to have had a raised limiter though
    Oh right, didn't know that. What's the norm do you know ?

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    Normal limiter is 6,400 rpm

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    I'll have to investigate that now. Car seems standard to me, bar an induction kit which I hate!

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    it will probably have a different chip on the ecu..

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    Thanks for the info.

    On another note, I need window door seals/surrounds. The ones that go on the outside of the door. I know these are hard got, but any one got any leads on where to get some?

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    People are trying to buy low mileage base model 3 door Mk1 Clios purely for the window seals these days

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    Taxed and out for this summer

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