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    0327 - L875MHJ

    0327 - for sale williamsclio April 2016

    Owned by member Willy1

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    0327 on car and classic


    In 2010, the Renault Clio Williams was voted by experts and published in Auto Express as the "greatest hot hatch" from the past 30 years.

    In 2009, the Williams came in at number 30 of Evo magazine's "100 Greatest Drivers' Cars Countdown" article.
    One of its many other accolades was 6th place in Evo's "Car Of The Decade" feature in 2004.

    I am now selling one of the very few left still up and running, out of the 400 Williams 1s ever built in the UK. Number 327.

    Under the NACA-ducted bonnet that opens from the front, you have a unique 2.0 L 16-valve straight-4 naturally aspirated multi-point injection engine producing 145-155 bhp (depending on who you ask) at 6100rpm. Meanwhile max torque is 129 lbs-ft at 4500rpm; 85% of which is available at just 2500rpm. 0-60mph is 7.6-7.8s (again depending on who you ask) and apparently tops out at 134mph.

    This particular specimen has been in storage most of it's 10 year life with me. Taking it out and having to evaluate it, it does need work done to the body. It has 3 rust patches, 2 on the body and 1 on the skirt and the inside boot latch is also corroded, common with this model. Since advertising, I have not had time to arrange viewings except to one person. The value is debatable but as it stands I am reducing the price now to 4500. The engine is running fantastic - It has a new battery and had an oil and water change and flush before starting her back up again from storage. Gearbox and clutch is a little stiff from sitting. The interior is in excellent condition. If you are good with bodywork, grab yourself a piece of driving history and contact me. I am located in Milton Keynes.

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    Come up for sale after being restored


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    not done any more miles since. No Mot since 2016 and was a massive fail so it needed the work

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    You really would have thought as it was being photographed to sell they could have kept the drivers carpet clean...amateurs!!

    Regards Ian

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    Very true

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    Wrong grill
    Wrong rear wiper
    Rear boot badges wrong position

    For 13k you need to get this right!!

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    Fair point and well spotted Winters01.

    Certainly no attention to detail or research was done during this restoration. Not much for someone to put right though.

    Quote Originally Posted by Winters01 View Post
    Wrong grill
    Wrong rear wiper
    Rear boot badges wrong position

    For 13k you need to get this right!!

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