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    Top Gear magazine Williams vs 205 GTI, Dec 15

    Interesting article in this month's TG mag pitting the Williams against the 205 GTI. The result is a pleasant surprise ;) I'll scan it later today.

    Car featured is #421

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    please do

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    Thanks for sharing this.

    Apart from the fact that comparing the 1.6 205 to the Williams isn't really the proper test (I thought People With Valvers always called the Williams the tractor, which I imagine people with 1.6 205s call people with 1.9 205s, or is the other way around, or do we really care here?) the article almost caused me two heart attacks:

    Heart attack 1: You mean people born in 1991 can have driving licences???, followed, after a short period of mental arithmetic, with
    Heart attack 2: You mean they might have had them for seven years???!

    I think I might need a mug of Horlicks.

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    Great press for Williams owners but not a great article, cheers for sharing.

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