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    Clio Williams Uruguay


    I am glad to have one of two Clio Williams in Uruguay, and the only street version one, the other one have been a race car since new. 80000 miles on the clock, engine, gearbox, diferencial, etc, etc new.
    Extras: KYN induction kit, Diefer Argentina ECU remap, bigger throttle body, Bilstein Shocks, sparco strut brace, gearbox quickshift, Brembo Max disc with Ferrodo 2500 pads, etc.
    I am also building a full race f7r engine. Cosworth groupA pistons, H Beam con rods, groupA titanium valves, lightweight full race flywheel, race brad punchs, race Cat cams, group A injector ramp with injectors for 9500rpm,race engine mounts with the 4th extra mount, fuel tech ft500 ecu, AP clutch grupo A, 6th gear sadev gearbox and more. I need ITBs and Group A Devil manifold exahust.
    I hope to learn more about this wonderful cars with you.

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    will look forward to some pictures


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