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    Voltage regulator

    My alternator was giving out horrible varying voltages 14 -16V and higher, temp display bright and dark, headlights flickery. This has been going on for ages and I was firmly in denial not wanting to pick a fight with the people who put a new one in three years ago and knowing replacing the alternator was a nightmare of a job.

    But with emission failure on MOT and looking at the electrics I knew I couldn't avoid it any more.

    As the voltage was high I thought the alternator was working, just a problem with regulation. Found a new regulator and managed to fit it without taking the whole car apart. I did have to take the bonnet off, which was a pain, but I think that any job I can do at all must be very easy for anybody else. Now I get 14.2V steady on the battery with any revs. (Took a frightening few minutes to bed in the brushes, horrid noises, low voltages, charging light on, starting to panic.)

    The regulator I got was from Wood Auto, and only cost a tenner but the postage was 7.50, so with the VAT it was just over 20 I ordered it in haste and didn't mind paying (it did come next day), but I'm sure it's the same as which is about 12 all in and a lot cheaper than tearing your hair out fitting an alternator, and the new belt, and all of the trouble you get led into doing it in the first place.

    If you have similar problems.

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    Been having the same problem, going to have to get the multimeter out tomorrow just to see what its doing, definitely going to add this to the list of things to do though


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