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    Another valver project - N16AMF

    HI guys...
    Been doing a bit of work on my second valver that my girlfriend bought me for my birthday in Feb

    I seem to have lost all the earlier pics but these can be seen over on cliosport
    To cut a long story short I spotted this nice looking xerus in the area that I live which is rare, never saw another valver other than my Naples one. Became friends with the guy who had it, and he ended up losing the back end in the wet and smashed into a signpost
    He was setting about braking it but I came along and rescued her as I thought she was way to good to be broken up. Anyway the results of the crash were;
    ●smashed rear quarter and inner wheel arch
    ●3 fooked tyres
    ●2 bent stub axles
    ●smashed rear quarter window
    ●one bent shocker (which were my spax that I gave him a few months beforehand)
    ●snapped gearbox mount and a snapped PAS pipe.
    He then proceeded to break her, he sold one door and the key blipper thing. The door hinge screws wouldn't undone so he cut them off. He then had the car sat on his friends drive for a few month, open to all elements, when I got it it was full of leaves and cats had been living in it lol. So I cleaned all the inside, came across all the wiring issues, looms were cut in various places so I swapped the interior loom from my Naples and that sorted 99% of the electrical issues.
    I then set about stripping the rear beam down, plan was to 172 stub axle mod it, but couldn't be arsed so swapped beams with the one on my Naples tyres are mint. Covered about 3 miles since I fitted them. Rear beam need painting but it will do for now, when I had the beam off I fully checked for rust/rot and found the following

    Plenty more but you get the idea, so I got the wire wheel on the drill and got all the surface rust off then applied some epoxy primer to seal it until I get my welder.

    Then I fully refurbished the dashboard. No before pics I'm afraid

    Also fitted my phase 1 bits which I bought off coops turbo, even got a blast in his track car
    cleaned up the rear beam buts and bolts (before at the top and after at the bottom)
    Then fitted the beam onto the car

    Sorry about the quality of some pics and they're not in order lol. That's as far as I have got tbh but I will update frequently and will get all the other pics from cliosport and post them up
    Cheers for looking.

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    Nice work

    I wish I had a driveway, skillz and some tools! lol


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