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Thread: 0369 - L767EDW

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    0369 - L767EDW

    For sale on Facebook February 2015


    12 months MOT
    Recent clutch and gearbox



    0369 1.JPG

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    W1 L767EDW

    Anyone a former owner of this car?

    Interested in it, but logged as cat D in 2009 and also, the mileage on MOT history hasnít barely changed since 2006..

    Any light to be shed?

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    As I understand it, it had been sat in a garage for 17 years with a gearbox fault. However, it has been MOTd between 2006-2015 with no change in mileage, and damaged in 2009

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    It is in the Williams register on this forum but very little info about it....I can only guess that it was being used very little but stored outside which may account for the repeated MOT failures.

    13.5 K seems a lot with its checkered MOT history but without seeing the car in the flesh and very little info given on the facebook ad its difficult to reach an informed opinion.

    Regards Ian

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