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    Another First overall at last weekend's Jumbo Targa rally ( )
    Comptetitors seem to be moving away from Clios these days - the competition being mostly from MX5s last weekend, but the old Williams still beats them all! These cars seem to be getting so rare, treasured and valuable these days that it's a almost embarassing me thrashing mine every month - but I don't think I'll stop having all the fun just yet!

    More hi-res pictures here:

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    Great Pics...

    In the Stanta Targa rally it looks like your tyre is coming off the rim on the tarmac stage lol.

    Regards Ian

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    Thanks Ian - yes, got a puncture at Stanta after a spent bullet cartridge (it is all on MOD training land, and littered with old cartridge cases) went through the tyre - had to drive through the test on the rim before I could change it - fortunately I don't use the original gold speedline alloys for the rallying!


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