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Thread: 0010 - L315FEL

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    I just watched the video, love it hehe! Very creative :D

    I would love to see how the car looks now. Check out that pic with the front dismantled, awesome powersteering fluid buildup haha! I bet there is also a ton of dirt behind the front arches too? :D

    Have you gotten rid of the carbon cannister and that ridiculous counterweight in the offside front arch yet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BootStrap View Post
    Has taken me a few years to graduate to this one. Cost 150 a month incl. water, power & light, used to check the local paper every single day and got lucky.
    You have. Very nice garage space there. Not much point doing up a rental space I suppose but that would look stunning with a bit of white paint on the walls and some flooring!

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    Checked April 2015: SORNED.

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    Never did turn this into a circuit car - thankfully. Bought a Trophy instead, made lots of changes to that over a few years and did some rallying. Sold that just a few weeks ago. The Williams is a better driving experience imo. I still have this Williams no.10, in a different garage now and my thoughts are focusing on a resto once again. She hasn't been taxed since 2007 iirc, stored away for 10 years being moved from pillar to post. Watch this space - time to start a project thread soon.


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