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    Pics of the Irish Rally Car

    This is the 1st meaningful post & progress with the car due to working my ass off over christmas & not even having a chance to look at the bloody thing since Rod dropped it off

    Stud conversion fitted to the front of the car along with suspension & subframe from FAE - most horrible job I've ever had to do on a Clio because of how little room there is in my garage

    But the whole point of this exercise was to get the car rolling & able to be moved out of the garage so the real work can begin

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    A track near you
    Good job. At least the donor car is nearby! Do you have light/power in the garage? It's tough working on cars in the winter, although it has been milder this year so far than most of the others I can remember working on the car and freezing my face off!

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    No power unfortunately so got to make do, just makes it a bit more of a challenge

    Been sorting through all the bits that came with the car today, so took a few more pics :P

    Think it needs some lows at the back

    Starting to look at bit more purposeful now methinks

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    Shame it's lost it's stickers. Always like it with the kumo down the side. Do u have the one from when it was racing???

    are u able to keep the plate on the car - did u get a v5?

    What's the fab number for the car???

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    Nice update mate

    It is good to actually see you do something other than post pics of bits of your engines at Dan's hahaha!!

    Is that a hydraulic handbrake?

    Did they remove the torsion bars then? Why is the rear so high? I guess no exhaust system is fitted right? If you are using the old high comp engine from Cliolord you should get a decent bore size exhaust tbh.

    Get some of the stickers back on as Northy says ;)

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    I quite fancy putting my own plate on the car and yes it's a hydraulic handbrake. As for the height I'm assuming it's like that to allow for extra suspension travel/room, the front arches have been cut to allow more room for bigger wheels it was a rally car afterall

    The stickers were removed long before I bought the car but will look into getting some but the car needs paint 1st so stickers are rock bottom on my list of priorities. Now it's rolling & I can actually work on it now, my 1st jobs are to get it gutted so the engine bay can be painted and the interior sorted out. Followed by engine fitting along with the widetrack & freshly powdercoated subframe. After that it's the fun job of wiring & getting it running

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    Looks good with your wheels on it Paddy,with the wiring,I do not think you should have a problem with the ignition side.
    Remeber there is no key.sequence is battery master ON - ignition flick switch ON - fuel pump ON - Hit the starter button and voila shes running.

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    I was more on about the wiring for the engine & my ecu

    I'm not a fan of the wheels tbh but I'm only bothered about how cheap & light they are, need to source another suitable pair so I can have the tyres I want, set of full slicks, proper wet slicks & road legal R888's as intermediate/road tyres :-p

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    Had a brief gap in my work schedule this afternoon so made a start on assembling the subframe

    Freshly powdercoated bits & bobs

    Sexy subframe :la:

    And the built up finished(ish) product, gonna finish it off with new ball joints & track rod ends eventually but that's 1 job finished & out of the way

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    Another busy afternoon today

    Started off with removing the wings. Lots of crud to get cleaned off

    All the other crap to get out of the bay so it's empty & ready for painting

    Savage & brutal dash removal

    Stuff removed from the car

    and how it's currently sat

    Next job is to clean everything ready to make a start on paint prep


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