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Thread: VSF (No2)

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    VSF (No2)

    Picked her up today, needs a little TLC at the moment.

    114k with a folder of old MOT's and service history including original service book.

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    Goodness, for a minute I thought someone had poached mine from its winter storage!Then I noticed the (No2). Enjoy the Williams. We're now in the most exclusive sub-forum on the forum - the VSF contingent. Should we get badges made?


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    Hi I know you guys probably have cobwebs grown on this post since 2012 but im on a hunt. My Girlfriend had a VSF 8 years ago an her ex sold it from under her as was the legal owner and he couldn't afford to maintain it.

    She had wanted a williams back ever since but not any clio, the exact same one. Even if it's not possible it would be nice to know if its in storage, crushed, or possibly far sale as see it's been sorn since 2013.

    Was either of yours M101 VSF and if so what was the final fate of this car. Thanks Darren


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