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    Renault Clio Elf UK Cup pictures and leaflets.

    I thought I would share some of the bits and pieces that have that have not been seen before? I don't think Richard has seen all of it?
    They could be interesting to some people, and owners of ex-cup cars.
    Not much gets thrown away at the workshop, so I scanned everything - then found some more (still to be scanned)

    Pit-pass from Monaco.

    Press Release

    Final Drivers Standings 1991

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    Fantastic Read This, Well Done Looking forward to seeing more again.


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    Cracking sam - wish I was around to have watched this myself back in the day!!!!

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    totally agree

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    Glad they are of interest!
    This is quite a good read:

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    A few more while I am at it. Sorry if these have been posted before, I forget!

    Check out the price money! It is not like that nowadays!!!!! Drivers used to get around 150 if they just made it onto the grid.

    A few time sheets:

    Most of this is all from the 1991 season for some reason. After that it became a bit more of a team affair, so maybe the stashing of paperwork slowed down....

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    Really interesting Sam, thanks for posting it up. Looking forward to the other instalments, even if there is some reposted material, as I would have missed it all first time around anyway I think.

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    That's a great piece of info there. Thanks very much for sharing :D

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    I have a fair amount of scanning to do over Autumn/Winter. We have dug out all the Coupe bits.
    This is a small sample!

    The catalogues contain all the 'coupe' specific parts, numbers and a drawing.
    We also have the Megane coupe, Clio V6 Trophy and GT Turbo coupe bits too. Hope to bring it all to you soon.


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