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Thread: DUF

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    Nice one mate
    Another one kept going
    I love the sight of gold speedlines

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    still looking well. I know Russ did a lot of work on it

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    The engine apparently outputs 170bhp+ but is tricky to manage until warm. Have start on some simple job like locating missing bits of trim, sorting out the central locking. I have an oil leak which needs looking at and now the screen has cracked. It this a common fault, the windscreen looks original with the renault sticker? Am I closing the bonnet too agressively?

    The tailgate and both arches are the next job?

    Anyone know a good renault garage in the SW london area?

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    Hi can anyway help DUF failed her MOT no CO and lambda readings. Taken her to a Renault specialist who says a cat will have to go on but I'm not confident this is going to resolve the lambda issues. Garage says the diagnostics are says the car computer is faulty but we believe that to be the gunner chip. Garage has checked ecu sensors and apparently they are working. After a cat the next step is to get a second hand ecu. I fear DUF is slowly being tamed or worse she will never get an mot? Can anyone suggest advice

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    you will need a cat on to get by the emissions, I'm pretty sure you will unless the engine runs really clean. where is the crack on your screen? closing the bonnet shouldn't crack the screen, they shouldn't even meet/touch come into contact. u can get a new lambda sensor too, but I believe a cat would help.. did it fail badly?

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    Hi van
    the screen is fixed now got a replacement fitted for 110 quid which I thought was good. The emission weren't too bad I think think the lambda was 1.02 and CO were about 10% over. The garage await the cat for fitting so I have my fingers crossed for the next 3 days. DUF also failed the mot on rear shocks got a pair on Reno direct website 100 quid a pair and the rear handbrake is non existent.

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    Where are you based?

    Start a new thread mate on the projects section and upload pics to somewhere like as I can't see your other ones.

    I get my Clio through emissions even though it has a fair bit more bhp than yours, and runs straight pipe exhaust. The Gunnerchip does increase fuelling but just borrow someones ECU or check to see if the ECU board has a slottable EPROM chip, if so I think there are a few people with the old EPROM chip and you can just swap it in for the MOT

    Good to get a new windscreen. Pretty cheap as well.

    Actually, fitting rear shocks isn't that hard. The handbrake could just be a seized up set of calipers or slack handbrake cables, probably the latter. They are cheap parts and not that hard to do at home, but not much fun in the cold

    If you ever get wondering if you can fix things yourself, and wonder how to do it...the guys here have done it ALL. I learnt a lot from them.
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    Hi wobba

    thanks for the advice, I'm in putney london. The shocks and brakes are not a problem it's the emissions I am more concerned about. The garage advised to go down the cat route and I panicked thinking DUF may have seen her last days so a cat is going on her. The next route was a standard ecu. Ecu said not easy to find though. The other issue is a touch of blue smoke on acceleration which suggests piston ring and doesn't help emissions

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    you can just swap the chip on the ecu back to a standard one if your struggling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by northy View Post
    you can just swap the chip on the ecu back to a standard one if your struggling.
    Just a quick update on DUF.

    She has had a cat put on her and a standard ECU (bought of Andreas - thanks mate) and still cant pass the mot. God only know how she got a mot under the previous owner. The garage says the only issue now is the HCs so they were cleaning the throttle body. From what I can see on the internet she must still be running to rich. Why we don't know.

    Any suggestions i just just want to get her back on the road




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