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    anyone got any good jokes?

    feeling crap today..after all the excitement at the start of the week its been pretty much downhill in terms of the mood i'm in :( took me all of 1 hour to fix that bearing that let go, adjusted the passenger mirror and thats about it for keeping me busy. maybe i should find a new project to work on?

    did you's here the one about the guy who went to the doctor with a carrot stuck up his nose?
    Doctor says " i knows whats wrong with you...your not eating properly"! badaboom

    Anyways got a bottle of wine and gonna get drunk with that this eve.

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    F1 going to sky,now thats a ****ing joke

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    As above!

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    "Was out walking with the wife this morning. She suddenly stopped and removed her shoe complaing about a stone in it. I replied 'theres about 20 stone in the other so keep ****ing walking"

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    dunno whether to laugh or cry at that Snowman. Last time I watched some proper coverage of F1 was when it was airing on EuroSport back in the day. They used to show every session including morning warm ups.
    Now its press this button press that button on your remote and we'll screw you for tenner each time

    LA proper lads joke that one, had me in tears laughing.

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    what E.T. short for?

    ...coz hes only got lil legs.

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    Why does Noddy have a bell on his hat?

    Because he's a cunt

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    I just roll a joint when I'm in the bad mood :D

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    Quote Originally Posted by Markic
    I just roll a joint when I'm in the bad mood :D

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    When you say the word 'poop', your mouth does the same motion as your arse hole.

    Same can be said for the phrase, 'explosive diarrhoea'.


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