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Thread: Number 30?

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    Number 30?

    anyone got any info on her,

    been on the bay a few times, a little tatty but i need a project after 0057 died

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    Speak to Katbloke.


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    I was thinking the same about this car, missed the end of the auction this week:( Looks tidy enough and at a fair price

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    Spoke to KatBloke.. Thanks Graham

    it seams it has some history

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    They all have now mate They're getting old!

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    so true.....

    need to buy them up quick before Mr Brown and Coops destroy them

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    i'm looking at this one as well, better be quick mate

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    It was always well cared for like anything until it gets sold on to another owner, the current owner seems to have tried returning it to what is was when i remember it, theres a few things id change that i dont like ie induction kit and stainless inlet cover and that expansion tank looks like the ame one i saw when the head gasket had gone

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    hmmm.. the race between number 30 being scrapped or number 30 being 20v'd

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    flanny baby! Its had a fair few owners though hasnt it?

    still, seems a cheap willy 1!



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