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Thread: Cooling ish

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    Cooling ish

    She's off to rape my wallett at the garage tomorrow. Could've tried to fix it meself but can't be arsed.

    It seems the thermo housing has a hairline fracture on the underside. This explains some of the loss and also explains what's been dripping on the metal coolant pipes. They're also being changed and a new header bottle is being put on.

    My colleague thinks I'm nuts for forking out as much as I do, especially on stuff like the header bottle which he sees as a waste of cash.

    It probably is but **** it.

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    LOL mine had a hairline fracture in the thermo housing I just stuck some radweld in and its fixed it.

    Probably be better to swap it in the long run but i'm skint lol.

    See ya



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