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    Quote Originally Posted by PhilW View Post
    Wow Dave, thats amazing. Assume that you you still like the car?
    Not many people keep any type of car for 21 years.
    Yes I love the car, haven't driven it for a while, but it's part of the family.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dave71 View Post
    Anyway, supermarket! it's never seen one.
    He it.

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    always a pleasure to look at Pictures of a well kept williamsclio!

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    Bought 0102 as a present to myself in March 2010 after leaving uni in 2009 with the money I'd saved up and not spent in the pub... found this place at the first FCS i attended that summer. Not been as active as I'd have liked but read a lot quietly in the background...

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    Your's is the closest number to mine on the forum! :D And same here, i read more than i post lol


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    1995 and it is mint.

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    Feb 1994. New from Renault.

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    My old man bought ours from new which was I think was 95 for the Williams 2. it's been off the road for a couple of years but I'm currently restoring it back to its former glory to get it back on the roads. Fantastic little cars

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    Nice mate

    Any pics of it as it stands, how much work is needed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dave71 View Post
    Had mine since new, March 1994, 21 years.
    Have you still got your car Dave ?

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