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    Hinckley, Leics.

    How long have you owned your Williams?

    As title.
    And how did you discover this website?


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    My ex bought a williams 2 originally. I found this site and we signed up. That was about 5 years ago now.

    3 years ago i bought my 2

    And last month i bought my 1.

    Was google how i found the to forums.

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    out there somewhere
    errr bought the 1st willy 8 years ago ish

    found this site as i was invited by the founders to check it out pre publication

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    Bought my Williams 2 about 3 years ago. I've found this site on Google. I also found, but that's in french and I can't speak french, so I'm pretty much stuck with you guys!

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    Owned my Williams for over 5 years, luckily this site started very soon after I bought it. I found it through CS, Fatboy put a link in a thread...

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    I had my Williams for a very short while before the Valver, found it when researching what I need to look for.

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    just realised , i have not got a williams

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    Got mine on 8th november 2008 from Brighton and bought it back to the brilliant north.

    Found the site a bit earlier probably due to typing williams clio into google alot around that time.

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    googled the site back in winter '05 to help me with dead valver i had at the time

    bought first williams least september, and have another now which i bought few months back

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    Although I don't have a williams yet ;) I was inducted into ClioSport at the end of 2002 by night.icon and GTIGirl, or whatever name Claire was using at the time.

    I can't remember when I first logged on here but it was undoubtedly a link from CS!

    That's quite scary thinking about it - the ex had the valver in 2002 when we were together, she kept it as hers for 18months after we broke up, then I bought it off her - so I've known the history for the best part of 8 years...


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