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    My left leg is dead!

    Drove up to Cambridge from North London today. 1 hour and a bit to get up there, 3 hours to get back. Had to crawl along the M11 from Duxford to the M25 turn off because of the traffic. I thought I'd got used to the heavy clutch pedal in the Williams now but god almighty, my leg is still numb and I've been home for half and hour!
    How do you guys survive in the jams? I was praying for downhill slopes just so I could knock it out of gear and coast for a while!

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    Man up

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    It's not that bad.

    Clutch biting point is quite low on the Williams so it's either fully down or up so no holding it mid point.

    Although, I remember switching between mine and my wifes cars. The first time I used to get in it I thought I was going to put a hole in the bottom of the floor I pushed it down so quick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Justin..
    Man up

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    it is a slag in traffic, but what he said!!! MAN UP! :D

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    lol, i drive through heavy traffic everyday.... piece of cake....... it helps that i squat every week though

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    Clearly you have the thighs of a girl.

    Girl thighs.

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    i never heard Nicole or Papa make a deal about the
    heavy clutch pedal

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    Practise, practise and practise

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    Well some of you say man up but i know on all of mine the clutch has been totaly different !

    My current williams is heavy but not to bad, my valver the clutch is super light and the previous valver the clutch was so heavy that when i got into my civic i would nearly put my foot through the floor panel !

    He might just have a beast of a cluch lol :D

    My first valver was so heavy when drivig other cars i thought the clutch wasnt going to come back up as i couldn't feel any presure under my foot :S


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