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    Clutch cable snapped

    My clutch cable snapped today

    Pissed me right off as I spent ages with a shovel digging it out from the snow on my drive and warming her up ready for a blast. Then it snapped a few miles away from home so got sod all I wanted to do today done

    All is well though...sort of got tow truck out to take me home and got my m8 to fetch me a new cable after he finished work :D

    I've never done a clutch cable on a valver before, so has anyone got any tips on anything to look out for while doing it & what problems I might encounter?
    Harvy told me to expect my arms to hurt, but blood, sweat, swearing and bruises are standard when doing anything to these bastard cars

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    Fisrtly, Take note of the cable routing!!! and strongly recomend only a genuine renault cable. lesser will snap.

    take the lower shroud off below the wheel, aids access a bit ( i left mine off
    for ages as it kept snapping lol )

    slide driver seat right back if not already and expect to be in there upside down.

    first time i done it was a mission getting it through the bulk head. so i thoroughly recomend feeding a string throught the hole once the old cable is out. you may need to cut the clip thart hold it to the bulkhead.
    mine was not budging so i destroyed it with some side cutting snips.
    also when i got the cable through i left the clip unclipped and let the pedal pull it up and pop in first time u depress the clutch pedal with cable re-instated.

    i cant quite remember how it goes onto the peddle mech, but i think you have to push the rachet mech round so the cable reaches.
    make sure it seats in the mech properly
    also take note that theres a small loop over the mech that the cable has to go through. i found out this out after i put it all together.

    once thats all done fit the box end and check the pedal end. hopefully its stayed on the pedal!

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    also if you encounter more snapages get a new clutch. it stopped mine breaking even after a new pedal

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    Quote Originally Posted by 16v_paddy
    Slightly worried it's gonna happen to me today now [-o<

    Nope! Only 30 days after

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    when did I say that?

    does the same apply if I said I hope mine doesn't get a turbo?

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    im on my second clutch in 3 years, my third cable and getting my second ratchet fitted tomorrow.

    god damned right handed clutch bolloxx

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    Mine snapped last night! Not chuffed, Iv had to do this on my old R19 16v my old clio 16v my old williams and now this williams Renault should stop making stuff out of toffie! If Renault has one in stock i'll be attempting to fit it in 2" of snow. Was going to put a match to the car last night well pissed off. Had to drive 25miles with no clutch, made it with a few crashed gears and starting from traffic lights in 1st on the started motor

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    Paddy, the best way i found was to unhook the cable at the gearbox end first. Then, unhook the cable from the pedal, and use some very sticky tape to attach some thin speaker wire to the old cable.

    Now, get the car up on axle stands and crawl underneath. You should see the cable looping around the back of the subframe.

    Get a hold of this and pull the cable out of the bulkhead, making sure not to pull all the wire through.

    Secure the wire in the cockpit somewhere, then get back under the car and again use something very sticky to attach the new clutch cable to the wire. Make sure you make the edges as smooth as possible so it doesn't snag anywhere.

    Then, feed the cable through as far as you can from underneath and start gently pulling on the wire to pull the new cable into place. Make sure the plastic clip is seated in the hole. Once the cable is through you can then remove the tape.

    Get back under the car and feed the cable through the clips on the back of the subframe, then feed the gearbox end of the cable from underneath along the chassis rail.

    You'll then be able to pull the cable through from the top of the bay into position. Leave it off the gearbox at this point.

    Next, get upside down and get the cable attached to the ratchet correctly, then attach it at the gearbox end, give the pedal a few pumps, and hope for the best!


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    Someone sticky that post ^^^ !! :P :D

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    good posting kiz

    am so paranoid these days i have thin wire, axle stands and a spare cable in the boot :o


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