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    FCS Track Time Get it while it's hot!!

    Hey all,

    I have asked Northy if he is ok with me doing this and he has said it is cool.

    As i know some of you wanted to go on track this year and havent managed to. Clio16valver has a
    few spaces left over if you want to take them up?

    I am getting the moolah over to Mark @ FCS by the end of this week, so if you do want a space
    head over to and get onto the FCS section at the top of the forum.

    This isnt to alot of people, but i do know some people on here dont visit Clio16valver out of being
    a dedicated WilliamsClio user, but just want you to all know that C16v works with WC and i dont
    consider them competition at all. Obviously i want to see my club succeed but i willl never step on
    WC's toes.

    So your all more than welcome to come join us for the track session. If you need any more
    details then pm me on c16v.

    Thanks all and i look forward to seeing you there!!


    p.s Thanks Northy for letting me post this.

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    no worries Gav

    These are all the people who said they are going, i have requested payments of all of them this weekend. I will ask FCS to stick them all down on your slot when they confirm.

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    Are there any space's left for Track Time this year, im hoping it will be my KitCar debut Williams kitcar of corse


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