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    Fag lighter bulb?

    Is it possible to change the teeny-weeny bulb that lights up the faglighter?

    It's tiny and I can't see a way to get it out (I'm talking about the BULB so don't confuse that statement with anything else ;) LOL)

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    Yes pretty easy,just pushes out,but if it's any thing like mine it wont work

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    cheers for the reply

    I just need to find a replacement then - couldn't see them in halfrauds!

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    Halfords do do the correct bulb.

    I think they are 1.2A 12V teeny ones. Make sure you check all makes of the bulbs on the shelves, not just the Halfords ones. took me a while but I found mine!

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    sweet, cheers, will do!


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