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    Fao: Webmasters / web designers / PHP coders

    I do a bit of web design myself and earn quite a bit of money through advertising and was wondering if anybody has websites they want help monetising or if they have a website i can pay them to put ads on (how much i would pay you depends on traffic levels).

    Also was wondering if anyone on here can code PHP as i have a CMS system i would like tweaking, and will give 50% off all money that is earned from that website for life to them in return.

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    have a look on rentacoder for a php coder mate, get some indian guy real cheap and they'll do a good job, cost you like 50quid.

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    also what sort of ads? should get you on msn for a chat, sounds like we in the same line of business.

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    well i have a cheap coder who does alot of work but he is very busy at the moment and would rather use someone who would be interested as they would be getting 50% in return for there efforts

    The ads i use are for everything from ASDA and tesco, vodafone and o2, and norwich union all the top name brands and excellent commission levels.

    my msn address is si(x)mon(x)rig(x)by(x)85@hotmail(x).co(x).uk just remove the (x)'s

    (incase anybody is wondering why i put the x's there its because if not, that email address will get heavily spammed as people set up programs that look for email addresses on websites)

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    Are these companies you work direct with or are you just an affilliate and looking to expand your affiliate marketing?

    Iam a graphic and website designer and also code


    pm me if interested

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    You have PM Simon.


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