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    Clio 16v/Williams USED front brake discs

    Dont need to be in great condition, just needed to fit to car to make it towable as it is being broken.

    Anyone got some old ones sat in there shed PM me

    Needed asap

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    PM'd :D

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    Back at you

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    i have some if your still interested. PM an offer.

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    Just tell me how much you want for them mate!

    I have had 3 people PM me offering discs and saying 'make me an offer', when I do I never hear from them again!

    All I want them for is so I am able to tow the bare shell to the breakers so I can scrap the shell.

    Ideally I want them to be free or as cheap as possible (baring in mind shipping will cost me approx 10)

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    I've got a pair you can have for a tenner. Perfectly serviceable - I just removed them to fit grooved discs, so you could probably take them off again once the car is at the scrapper and use them elsewhere, or flog them on.

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    I'm having a garage tidy up and could do with clearing these out so make me an offer.

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    Sorry mate, I managed to get some for pennies off of ebay. Was sick of 'i've got some sat in the garage you can have for 30' etc

    Dancliolover offered me a set he had sat in his shed FOC but was a few days late with his kind offer.

    Thanks anyway Stevie :D


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