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    Non Willy Steering rack on a Willy..

    Hi There,

    I would be grateful of some advice ASAP...

    I know that a rack from a non Willy PAS phase 1 will fit a Willy, but I have heard reports that the Willy rack has a faster ratio than the 16vs and others (2.5 turns vs over 3)

    Can anyone confirm this, and if so, has it taken the edge off the willy driving experience?

    Many Thanks

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    nah the valver and willy pas racks are the same.. ive checked the part no's on the side of them..

    the track rods on the will are slightly longer..but just wind the rod ends out a bit more on the valver.

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    Cheers Gunner - Looks like I have been sent a rack from an RSI or summat, as the part nos are different.

    Anywhoo - off to find a propper one!



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