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    ultra Bulb offer

    H4 Bulbs to suit standard Clio headlights

    50% Brighter than standard
    E-Marked and road Legal
    Intense white light power beam
    Filled with Xenon Gas whcih burns brighter.

    delivered price

    15.00 per pair.

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    Could do with some of those :D

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    my stock delivery should be here by wednesday.

    get a paypal payment over and they will be despatched asap.

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    Just spent all my money on xmas pressies :(

    Dont get paid again until the 16th

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    Defo road legal? Not rally bulbs and gonna melt the wiring to lights as happened to my old valver.

    Got a night time pic mate?

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    deffo road legal, wont burn or melt wiring. run these in mine so I will get daylight & night pic up tonight.

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    Pics of bulbs fitted.

    note they dont appear bulb when not on as someone mentioned above....?

    get close up and obviously you will see the bulb which is tinted blue.

    This is normal headlights on..NOT Main Beam

    depending on what angle you see the lights from, they do give a slightly blue colour shown below

    Bulbs fitted are H4


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    ive got a cup and ive just bought some of these bulbs off ebay for a fiver :D

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    * Uncle Schakal * knitted by nanas since 1995 , now available with added GSOH


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