Hi everybody.
Just a few lines to introduce myself. Probably the oldest boy racer in the club, even older than cliorod!!!
I have a Williams 2 that I inherited from my daughter Lucy L & previously owned by Kelly, both members ( two careful lady owners??? ) I don't think so.
It was originally owned by Prima Racing and was fitted with one of their body kits but has now been reverted back to standard except for the rear spoiler.
I'm not sure of the exact spec, it's lower than std. it has a stainless exhaust with decat pipe, K&N induction kit and I think it has been chipped as it was showing just short of 180 Bhp @ the flywheel on a recent power run on Minisports rollers with the excellent Rob at the controls.
I have owned several modified cars in the past including the usual things like Minis,MG's, RS 2000 Mk 2, a couple of 1.9 205 Gti's & 405 Mi16.
I have had the car for six months now, it's the first Renault I have actually owned and it is amazing to drive but I think my 205's had a slight edge in the handling dept. maybe one or two problems to be sorted yet ( Quirky Handling on FAQ forum).
I will post some pics soon, when I get my digi cam back off Lucy.