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27-03-2005, 23:21
Theres one coming out for the valver/williams in late summer, more driver friendly and durable than LSD diffs according to quaife.

bout 700-800 quid i reackon

P.S ive been e-mailing them for ages to make one of these and they finally cracked!!!

27-03-2005, 23:27
Well they are not gonna say if a bag of shit are they?

Anyon got an independent perspective on this?

Ie what the **** is it for?

27-03-2005, 23:46
Well an LSD diff has a series of mini clutch plates esentially, that wear out if the car is driven very hard, bout 30000 to 40000 miles is an average life for the plates IIRC but it might be a bit higher.

An ATB diff uses worm grooves instead to transfer so instead of forcing the power to individual wheels it sort of eases it to the wheels by sensing which wheel has more grip. And not having clutch plates it lasts a lot longer, its basically simpler mechanics.

An ATB diff also increase your acceleration time as the power goes down to the ground quicker as it significantly reduces wheelspin and torque steer. LSD also do the same IIRC

I spoke to to a rally driver at rallynuts.com who used both a Tran X LSD and a quaife ATB in his silly spec 205 gti rally car. He said that the only advantage that the LSD had over the ATB was that if he broke a driveshaft he could still drive the car at road speed, instead of limping back to service. He also said that the LSD made the back end a lot more skittish on it and that the ATB seemed to make slides far more forgiving.

From all the ppl i spoke to about this (and i did speak to a lot of folk, as i was gonna put one on me 205 gti b4 i crashed it), they all spoke highly of this diff and a lot of those people were rally and trackday drivers.

If i get one on my valver ill let you know what i think and ill get 2live to have a go and see what he sez too.

27-03-2005, 23:58
I was with you until you said 'well' :wink:

28-03-2005, 00:08
I was with you until you said 'well' :wink:

lol, u shud have seen my face when the rally drivers and the folk at quaife were exlpaining it to me over the phone!!.

What i wrote down there is about a 50th of the info i got given about the ATB diff, i was like:

"errr yeah yeah..... i see what you mean.......oh really........yeah yeah.......so it does works kinds like a normal diff?...........it doesn't work like a normal diff then........ok......errr sorry what does that word mean?, im not sure ive heard it before..........hmmmmmm yeah its probably best you e-mail the info so i can read it myself......"