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27-03-2005, 21:34
right well this is a review by me, all my experience of running my william and now a 172(mk2),
both cars are almost std, williams has avo custom springs std height and scorpion cat back system, 172 has eibach 10mm drop,

OUTSIDE- well being a mk1 owner its a bit odd driving a 172, looking at it it is def a nice looker, nice sublte lines in the front and rear bumpers, side skirts, zenon lights and a nice smooth spoiler help seperate it from a std 1.2, distinct chunky 16" alloys are ok, not the best choice i think reno could of made for it, but overal i give looks a 8/10

INSIDE-what can i say, climate control,leather/alcantara seats front and rear and alcantara door cards centres, air bags all round, no leaky sunroof, its very comfy to drive for long periods, nice and quiet with little wind or road noise, seats do feel a little bit hard compared to the williams but neverless still very nice, driving position is fine despite what many ppl say and im 6ft 2!! plenty head room, a good boot size for carrying whatever u choose, a pretty good all round sound system as std, renault cd player and good speakers , had guns n roses playing at very high level and not a grumble from the speakers, very relaxing inside 9/10( oh this one dont seem to rattle lol)

PERFORMANCE- well 172bhp(169bhp) dunno excact but a high revving engine which is weird to the williams lump, have to rev it to 4k to get the real power which is a bit annoying after driving the williams but once at 4k it certainly flys along, the engine doesnt miss a beat, not screaming its head off like some lol feels a little bit faster then the williams but hard to judge how much, great for motorway runs , a higher limiter then the williams and longer gearing well higher speds in gear proberly due to limiter is nice to use dont seem as such a mad rush to get to speed as the william does and feels quite effortless once u get to 4k+ and hit the power, can be annoying if driving along slowly in 2nd and u want to plant it as the williams picks up n flys straight away in this type of run, overall 7/10 just lacks low down punch of williams esp for exiting bends!

HANDLING- right well on back roads and over bumps it feels more skittish and dont appear to take bumps in its stride like the williams does, the williams on back roads does feel more smooth and appears to carry its speed a bit better, but once on a smoother A road or motorway etc it certainly has plenty of grip, very agile for chucking into corners , it feels more stable in these conditions def a match for most cars, on motorways its nice and comfy and easy to drive, cant grumble at it for that, 7/10

overal its a very nice car, quick quiet, and comfy and has some good luxuires(spelling), if your into a rawer, more back road thrashing car the williams is def the one out of these 2, not that the 172 would do bad but just dont feel as confident, but if ur after a more relaxing and comfy car that will cruise along motorways with ease then id go with the 172, either way id def own both and would be very happy :)

just my honest review, not the most detailed but dont wanna bore ya to death lol not much point writing loads about the williams as most know how it is!

27-03-2005, 21:37
Good stuff...why have you got a 172 though fella? What colour too I might have seen it at York?

27-03-2005, 21:39
its a silver 53 plate was at york in the car park, ive got that because the gearbox has blown up on the williams, im borrowing it off a mate untill my clio is back on the road :)

27-03-2005, 21:45
Oh right cool...though you'd gone a bit mad and sold the willy for a 172! :shock:

27-03-2005, 21:46
nah not yet lol, will do if anything fcuks up on willy!

27-03-2005, 21:48
I thought it already had...like everything! lol

27-03-2005, 21:50
lol soon there wont be much left to change! just need a shell n engine and its a new car lmao!

27-03-2005, 22:31
good review richy.....just need pictures now mate

27-03-2005, 22:38
ill sort some out tomorro once cleaned

27-03-2005, 22:52
Nice review. id def say the 172 was more a GT cruiser than a true balls out hot hatch, i always enjoyed it tho.

Heres a few pics, its my car hes drivin by the way, i was Silver on CS ( can i say that on here?? lol)



27-03-2005, 22:53
is this the same silver that discover the corner at RE ?

Glad to see the car was repaired mate. looking good.

27-03-2005, 22:55
is this the same silver that discover the corner at RE ?

Yeah same 1 mate lol!!
wasnt the corner that was the problem was the 3 metal posts lol.

27-03-2005, 22:56
I've done some serious miles in that car too. Altho, not driving, hehe. :wink: :D

It's a busy 172 ain't it!

27-03-2005, 22:57
lol we had a moment or 2 eh daz PMSL

27-03-2005, 22:58
I was busy taking photo's mate.. heheh.

27-03-2005, 23:01
and of course a williams 3

2 live
04-04-2005, 12:22
hehe.....nice to see u on here steve.........and i missed both u n mr atego at york lat weekend lol....was mainly takin refuge in the tent, or messin about wi kids.......only got about 5 or 6 runs in