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27-03-2005, 18:14
Seem to be getting a lot of torque steer, is the normal with these cars? sometimes I am hanging on for grim death. What are the factors that would cause excessive torque steer?

Oh the front is very low ( soon to be changed ) and 195's tyres

27-03-2005, 19:08
Some tyres do it more than others. Bad roads dont help. The wider the tyres the more you will get. Loseness in the rack / column. And tracking / wheel alignment which is out will contribute.

Get the car set up how you want it
Replace worn tyres with new. Always fit new tyres to rear and move worn ones forward.
Check column / rack for looseness
Get tracking done and wheels balanced.

27-03-2005, 19:12
if the rear tyres are better and a differant make....swap then to the fronts and go for a drive....see if that makes any diferance ?

27-03-2005, 19:23
Tyres are new front and back, however the angle of the wheels has been affected by the over lowering. On smooth roads its not to bad. The nearest car I have driven with this prob was a 16v Astra GTE years ago!!

How much Power is practicle with a standard Williams package??

27-03-2005, 20:20
If the car has been lowered the bushes may be worn