View Full Version : just lost 4th and 5th gear

22-03-2006, 00:08
was just out havin a run uver the tops :)
all was great till give it some welly in 1 2 3 4th
now iv got no 4th or 5th
iv allways had a problem with it poping out of 5th
im hoping its the gear selector or summat cheap to fix coz i know a new box will be hard to get and not cheap to fit

does it sound like selector ??
i can still use 1 2 3 with no probs or crunching

how much if its worse case :(

22-03-2006, 00:23
£150 for a box from LTr mate

22-03-2006, 00:25
£1500 for fitting :wink:

nah, some places do it pretty cheap dude

my dads just done a engine conversion for £250 on a MR2 jap crap so maybe you could ask him

email: grahamwhitestar@hotmail.com

company is called

Whitestar Auto Engineering

contact: Graham

22-03-2006, 00:34
so it dosnt sound like the selector then :(
are all boxs the same

22-03-2006, 00:35
just asked my dad and he said it dont sound like its ur selector
he reckons gearbox is fooked

but get some more oppinions from clio owners 1st

may have more luck if u posted in the tech section matey 8)

22-03-2006, 11:26
sounds like you've mashe the synchro's mate tbh, new box time