View Full Version : Camber adjustment

Andy P
21-03-2006, 20:37
Currently my wheels sit like this on the front / \.
Which yeah, looks cool and handles quite well, but it eats tyres.

I have FK coilovers on her so i dont know if its camber adjustable?!

Anybody else in a similar siutation?


21-03-2006, 21:12
yep! but am livin with it cuz handles sweet n all!!

need new suspension set up over the summer neway n am runnin cheap shite tyres atm till i get new wheels n all!

Andy P
21-03-2006, 21:20
K-tec do a camber adjustment kit. dunno if its any good.

Might just bung on some cheap tyres and see how fast it eats its way through them :lol:

21-03-2006, 21:25
Might just bung on some cheap tyres and see how fast it eats its way through them :lol:

its the future! :wink: :lol:

21-03-2006, 21:39
mmm, strange. my clio is setup with a fair bit of -ve camber on ultimate coilovers. it dont eat tyres too bad. ktec camber bolts are ok, think bbpt do some n all. blistein do some as well. no sure about them tho!

top tyre saving tip - stop wheelspining guys! lol

Andy P
21-03-2006, 21:58
I dont tend to light the wheels up tbh. Im afraid it will kill my box :lol:

The tracking it badly out, so that will affect it. Think i will stick on some cheapies and see how it goes. 8)

21-03-2006, 23:06
my trackin is fine but i do have a habit of planting it from time to time, n its all too easy on greasy winter orads to loose traction! :oops: :twisted:

22-03-2006, 12:21
One of the main reasons I just upgraded to Willy track was the fact that I was running silly camber on my standard, knackered valver setup.

I didn't like it at all - on bends the front end felt grippy, yes, but also really flat and not adjustable, like it didn't really want to change direction. And you could feel the back wanting to come round and play but the front didn't want to play ball!

Hopefully, once I've adapted to the new set up, it will be a lot more playful as well as being grippy but adjustable. 8)