View Full Version : Edinburgh meet :D

17-03-2006, 20:17
Are the edinburgh based people up for a meet some time?? Let me kinow and we can arrange a suitable location.



18-03-2006, 21:15
yep - up for this defo!

cars off the road for a week. fixing a few things!

we should get a date at crail sorted for early april im thinking. possibly a photoshoot somewhere as well!

Djw dave
18-03-2006, 21:34
My clios not ready but ill come along in my corsa for the banter :)

20-03-2006, 00:59
I would realy like to go up to crail stew beat some corsa's :lol: , not sure when the next one is? What are you doing to the clio?

Any idea of good photo locations guys?


20-03-2006, 01:06
Just a few bits and bobs. had problems with the bonnet catch/cable, header tank and shorting, but all those now sorted (see post in tech qu's!).

Ideally need a new radiator, radiator cowl, temp sensor, clutch pedal (before i 1/4mile! it slips sometimes! lol)

Should all be sorted by the end of next week. Looking at going to crail start of april probs!

21-03-2006, 18:34
Stew are you off for 4 weeks now??

21-03-2006, 19:51

car is kinda off the road (ish) for the next 2 weeks. Will be back and ready for some 1/4miling in april, then off the road again in may for engine work! :twisted:

23-03-2006, 10:43
C'mon guys

27-03-2006, 20:21
Hey guys, havent been on here in a while.

Was going to say i'll well be up for crail if I can get a lift up with one of you guys. Though about taking the rallye up but then again, it is still only a 1.3 but might be interesting to see the 1/4 mile times.

My rallye is going to be a fast road/track car, so will be lightened, big brakes, proper suspension set-up, cage, buckets and harnesses, etc.

So any chance of me calling shotgun in your car stew, since you only have 1, lol.

27-03-2006, 20:45
take your car mark! u know u wanna!

i will be leaving from home (kirriemuir) not edin.... :( (and will only have drivers seat in! :twisted: )

See other thread please edin people....

27-03-2006, 22:41
Im up for Crail but dont know if its gonna be possible, will keep an eye out for meets though

27-03-2006, 23:20
I am going for a night out in aberdeen on the 8th then driving down in the morning, if that falls through you can jump in with me mark.

Bring the rallye tho, should be a good day out.