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17-03-2006, 17:53

i knew i shouldnt have bothered

attempted to bleed the back brakes, bleed nipple sheered off, and is now stuck in my 8mm spanner

hopefully ill be able to get it out with a stud extractor, but i dont hold out much hope, havent got any so ill have to order some and attempt it another day

plus its raining so i can seal my sunroof


17-03-2006, 17:58
:lol: Unlucky mate, thats valvers/willys for ya. Nothings ever that simple!

17-03-2006, 18:01
its my car thats what it is

every nut/bolt is siezed, you try and do ANYTHING on it, and something breaks nearly every time

17-03-2006, 18:11
Did you expect anything else? It's old and french :lol:

17-03-2006, 18:39
i dont actually think im gonna get a stud extractor that small, without drilling the hole to make it bigger......risky tho

17-03-2006, 18:40
can't you try a bit of lubricant on it first??

17-03-2006, 18:41
its snapped mate, nothin pokin out to get hold of, stud extractor is my only choice, plus im gonna have to drill it, im gonna have to be very very careful or im gonna need a new caliper

i think i might be calling on the help of taylor @ LTR for this one actually

17-03-2006, 18:46
PlusGas :wink:

big hp
17-03-2006, 18:50
Bloody french cars. Prob easier to get 2nd hand caliper TBH.

17-03-2006, 18:51
:oops: i meant the bit that was stuck in the spanner :wink:

17-03-2006, 19:04
ah right, lol, should have realised !

Nick Hill
17-03-2006, 19:53
Brun You've got a bitch of a job there mate. If you go second hand ask if the bleed nipple comes out before you buy it, if you are replacing the caliper it's got to be bled somehow!

17-03-2006, 19:55
if they werent so damn expensive id buy a new one, they are like £75 !

do you have any decent ones Nick that you could sell me ?

18-03-2006, 00:55
gonna have a crack at it in the mornin, if it wont come off then ill have to find the cash for a new one :evil:

im now not sure if its leaking fluid, or if thats the WD40 i sprayed on the nipple before trying to undo it


18-03-2006, 01:13
If its sheared straight off without turning it shouldnt be leaking

Also if you whine the piston right in you can try bleeding it useing the hose, not the best method but it does work

i wouldnt bother with the stud extractors, id be suprised if you get it out

18-03-2006, 01:13
1 thing i never took into account when buying a williams is the need to have a stand buy car at the ready for when shit like that happens :)

good luck m8 :lol:

18-03-2006, 01:26
im pretty sure that stuff on it isnt fluid, its WD40

but, it does need changing / fixing, i cant leave it like that

18-03-2006, 14:47
well, REALLY wish i hadnt started now

got a new caliper today, went to fit it, everything is rusted REALLY badly

the retaining end plates for the pads are rusted to the carrier in a big way, one of the outer small screws now has my T20 bit snapped inside it, and, the pads need changing aswell, which means the other side is gonna have to be done aswell

takin it the garage on Monday, let my local mechanic sort it, ive had enough !

2 live
18-03-2006, 14:54
lol..........least u didnt have to contend with 5 sided bolts holdin the carrier on mate....as swervins were yesterday......rite twat to get them out......

18-03-2006, 15:29
The guy at GSF was well puzzed with them mate. Suggested the only tool he knew of was one of those sockets with pins in so they grip any shape.

BRUN, £56 for re-conned units from GSF.

Oh and Jon I need to get you a replacement nut sometime for that caliper and a new 1/2" extension. Just gis a shout when dude. I can pick one up from MachineMart next w/e when I'm there.

2 live
18-03-2006, 15:35
lol..not a prob about the extension mate.....file will sort that out .........jus thort u mite get 1 off gsf for compo for supplyin shite qual goods. ;)

bolt will come in handy tho......when mine go so no rush really mate.

18-03-2006, 15:37
No such luck mate. Gis a shout about that nut though.

18-03-2006, 15:54
the 2 screws in the middle of the carrier on the rear caliper, does anyone have any they could post me ?

cant get hold of them anywhere

18-03-2006, 17:27
nevermind, after seeing one of the rear pads is ****ed ive had to get some new pads, and they came in those

for future reference for anyone looking

if your car has ABS the pads are an FDB877, if not, then the pads will probably be an FDB558

if you have the 2 screws going into the outer pad that go through the carrier, you will get those with the FDB877 pads, but not with the FDB558 pads, which are a slightly different size