View Full Version : Elf Tranself 75w80

15-03-2006, 17:54
Ive been quoted £62 + VAT for 20L of Gear Box oil....

Obviously its a bit much for a 2.9L JC5 so if i can get a few people together for a group buy it will only work out about £15 each.

Kind Regards,

Also if anyone wants any ELF oil contact: Debbie Hallas on 01977 603362

I just got 24L of fully synth EXCELLIUM LDX 5w40 @ 3.08 a litre! :)

23-03-2006, 17:28
Im in Mr Big - whats happened since ???

23-03-2006, 23:04
Well ive already been sent my years supply of ELF LDX, he he...

Ive only got ta ring ELF and order the other stuff so any more buyers please stand up n be counted! 8)

28-03-2006, 17:32
Clios use 75W90 gearbox oil tho

28-03-2006, 17:49
Clios use 75W90 gearbox oil tho

Not gonna say they can't use 75w90 but its not what's specified by renault... :wink:

08-04-2006, 14:34
BUMP.... anyone else interested or i will and northy be ELF oil kings =P~